About me

     When I started creating and selling my jewelry in 2007, I never dreamed my Beaux Tresors could bring me and others so much joy.  The intrinsic beauty in stones and nature's own freshwater pearls are the perfect materials for making designs that express soul, spirit, natural elegance, and imagination. 

     My designs are personal in every way. Often I work quietly for long stretches while inspiration carries me along. Other times, my necklace and bracelet designs are a participative adventure, when a customer joins me for a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  Knowing who is going to wear a piece of jewelry inspires me, so both the final creation as well as the experience of creating it are fun and fulfilling.

     Wisconsin has been my home since 1978.  I have two amazing adult children, and a tremendous daughter-in-law, who only enhances the happiness of our family. 

     I enjoy participating in Arts and Crafts Fairs throughout the area, and take special pleasure in chatting with the people who attend them.  Fairs have been my primary venue for person-to-person sales. Sometimes they are major fundraisers for the community for worthwhile causes while providing the public an opportunity to support their local artists, artisans and craftspeople. 

     I also schedule appointments for private showings and custom orders.  So if you like what you see on my website, please visit me at one of the events listed on this site, or contact me to let me know how I you feel about my "Beautiful Treasures".

     I look forward to hearing from you! 

Kathleen McKeown